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Green energy

Green Power Replaces Coal and Nuclear Power: For many solar panel buyers, ecological considerations take precedence. Every kilowatt-hour of solar energy can replace the same amount of conventional electricity generation. This helps counteract global warming and makes a crucial contribution to a successful energy transition. The reduction in the use of fossil fuels means a decrease in harmful CO2 emissions, supporting our common goal of strengthening climate protection.

Therefore, solar cells contribute to lowering greenhouse gas emissions. The use of solar cells reduces the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere, contributing to a healthier environment.

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Reduction in Electricity Costs

The self-consumption of solar energy only makes sense if you can generate electricity with your system at a cheaper rate than standard electricity tariffs. Currently, electricity from a rooftop photovoltaic system costs around 10 cents/kWh. If you purchase electricity from your utility provider, it averages around 42 cents per kilowatt-hour. Therefore, you can save over 30 cents per generated kilowatt-hour (kWh).

Utilizing the generated solar power to reduce your own consumption makes the investment in a photovoltaic system quite reasonable. It is significantly cheaper than purchasing electricity from the grid. With electricity prices expected to continue rising in the future, investing in photovoltaic systems becomes increasingly attractive. Special incentives and currently favorable loans also contribute to making the acquisition of the system worthwhile for private users.

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In Germany, the energy sector is dominated by large energy corporations. While the liberalization of the electricity markets allows consumers to choose their energy supplier, their dependence remains. Even municipal utilities and power providers source electricity from coal-fired power plants like RWE and others. This means you will continue to face unpredictable changes in electricity market prices. In contrast, photovoltaics generate electricity at significantly lower costs and are not affected by price fluctuations on the electricity exchanges. Moreover, with a widespread power grid, you will never receive 100% renewable electricity. Become your own energy provider and take control of the future of energy supply.

Photovoltaic systems offer an excellent way to generate electricity independently of the external grid. With suitable battery storage, the system can be complemented to continue supplying electricity even during a power outage

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Yield Assurance with Tailored Service

For operators and investors, yield is paramount, making a well-functioning photovoltaic system crucial. Regular preventive checks can help avoid disruptions and reduced performance of your system. We offer a service package tailored to your preferences and needs.

Our Preventive Service includes:

  • Yield monitoring

  • System monitoring

  • Maintenance

  • Cleaning

  • Retrofitting data loggers and energy managers

  • Technical operations management

Our Troubleshooting Service includes:

  • Damage analysis

  • Deinstallation and reinstallation during roof work

  • Replacement of defective components

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