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Ein Papier mit Zeichnungen
Consultation and Planning
Mehrere Lampen welche von der Decke hängen
Ein Elektronisches Testgerät
Service E-Check
Bauarbeiter in einem Kran
Installation and Maintainance
Eine Tür und ein Smartphone
EIB-/KNX Building Technology
Eine Pinnwand mit mehreren Blättern und Magneten
CAD Planning
Ganz viele Kabel welche an einem Routerchlossen sind
Communication and Network Technology
Ein Blitz über dem Meer
Lightning Protection
Einen Elektroschaltschrank mit Kabeln
Control Cabinet Construction

Consultation and Planning

After a free consultation, where your needs and desires take center stage, we take charge of managing your project. With our expertise, we find the best solution for your home, minimizing costs and ensuring your complete satisfaction.

In the planning and execution of projects, we see ourselves as partners of the customer. This includes the consistent implementation of scheduling. We keep our promises because we possess the skills crucial to success:

We combine a dedicated craftsmanship philosophy with state-of-the-art office organization, ensuring perfect results and adherence to deadlines. Coordinating different suppliers and craftsmen, however, is often challenging and time-consuming. We gladly take on this work for you, providing you with a constant overview of your project's progress.

Due to our extensive range of services, it is challenging to set fixed prices. Let us know the key aspects of your project, and we will provide you with a personalized quote. We can also offer alternative suggestions. Our competent and experienced staff ensures we find a tailor-made solution for you.


Installation and Maintainance

Whether you need a complete installation for your new construction or want to update outdated cables in your house, you've come to the right place.

Our highly qualified experts ensure that the power supply to your building is always sufficient and secure, taking care of it reliably and promptly.

In the field of electrical work, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and work quality are crucial aspects.

Safety in handling electricity, guarantees for compliant electrical installations from planning to execution – the employees of our company demonstrate in their daily work that they carry out entrusted tasks with trust.

The reliable and professional maintenance of electronic devices is of utmost importance. Maintenance of computer networks and antenna systems is particularly crucial, as the failure of these electronic devices can lead to significant economic damages.

With energy and diligence, we realize a company concept that respects traditions and prepares us for future challenges. We do our best for you!

Netzwerk-Hub und Kabel

Communication and Network Technology

Everyone talks about the age of communication! We don't just talk about it... We offer and install everything you need for reliable and fast communication! We bring the necessary devices with us – or install existing ones. Expertly, professionally, and quickly. From simple telephones to home phone centers, from radio systems to ISDN connections.



Phone jacks

ISDN connections

Home phone centers

Radio systems

Modems etc.

We get you ready for the future! Set up your business with innovative technology geared towards the future. High-quality and reliable network technology is essential for this. This allows you to operate PCs and telephone systems networked, quickly and reliably! We provide everything required for innovative network technology:

Network cards


ISDN systems


Of course, we are also happy to assist you in the installation of your communication systems and network technology. Expertly, professionally, and quickly.



Let there be light...

We offer everything related to lighting! So you'll never have to sit in the dark again! We bring the necessary devices and lighting objects with us – or install existing ones. Expertly, professionally, and quickly.

In stock, we have a wide selection of:


Light fixtures

Low-voltage lighting

Lighting systems


Energy-saving bulbs

Plugs Cables

and much more!


EIB-/KNX Building Technology

Building System Technology (EIB) allows for an 'intelligent' power grid, enabling the realization of various functions. Expansion is possible at any time.

A new addition is the option to retrofit EIB wirelessly without significant effort or installation work. Operating a central switch, for example, ensures that everything is guaranteed to be switched off when leaving the house.

Take advantage of this sophisticated system and have it installed by our experienced craftsmen.

The following options are available:

Panic switching

Central shutdown

Light scene management

Blind control

Heating control

Automatic lighting

Control of outdoor lighting

Remote control

Guardian system

Image by Johannes Plenio

Lightning Protection

Lightning protection is home protection.

Take care of your home security and entrust us with the installation of an external lightning rod system. Our experienced electricians also handle the lightning rod testing of existing systems. We are, of course, available for individual consultations.

We take care of the planning and sale of systems. Installation, repair service, and maintenance are, of course, also part of our services.

Trust our competent staff; we take care of your safety.

Elektriker mit Tablet

Service E-Check

During the so-called E-Check, we inspect your electrical installations and electronic devices. Following the inspection, you will receive a test report.

Potential damages, such as melted cables which can be highly dangerous, can be identified and prevented at an early stage.



CAD Planning

Everyone talks about the age of communication! We don't just talk about it... We offer and install everything you need for reliable and fast communication! We bring the necessary devices with us – or install existing ones. Expertly, professionally, and quickly. From a simple telephone to a home telephone center, from a radio system to an ISDN connection.

If you want to place an order but lack the department or expertise to plan an electrical system according to the latest technology, we are the solution to the problem.

We plan your electrical system based on your floor plans and your preferences, incorporating the latest technology and considering the applicable regulations of local energy providers.

Depending on your preferences, we can create construction plans with positions of all necessary electrical components, including complete cable routing lists. This ensures a consistent approach when contracting multiple subcontractors.

With CAD-supported planning, precise positioning of all components is complemented by comprehensive calculations of cable paths and quantities. This allows for transparent quotation creation and cost control.

Using an extensive database, we can also provide a price proposal that simplifies budget determination and helps you find the most suitable subcontractor.


Control Cabinet Construction

Large-scale projects and construction schedules leave less room for thorough preparation of control cabinets or lamp preassembly. However, as possibilities and requirements continue to grow, low-voltage systems consist of an increasing number of individual components. General contractors also demand a unified appearance on their construction sites.

With our control cabinet prefabrication, we have the opportunity to prefabricate control cabinets according to your specifications on a 150 sqm area. This way, you only need to mount them on the wall and connect the cables to the terminal blocks. Depending on the order, we can provide you with an electrical schematic diagram including labeling or manufacture the cabinet entirely according to your specifications. The sizes are entirely individual, ranging from a cabinet for a single-family home to a complex multi-part system for office and commercial units.


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